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Nowdays, the supplier is more and more good at provided a good website and tell you a good stories to express their company . Here is over thousands various cnc parts suppliers on website. Everyone told us they are good supplier and responsible for their goods and service .  But, who have the real abilities ?

It need time to approve it .

During the verification period, anything will possible to happen .

The supplier we decide to cooperated maybe is a big company, they have no interesting to small orders under 10 pcs,so they quote with high price .

It may has signed a sole dealer at a place, then you have to go with them and buy from their dealer with high price .

That partner may have no English speaker, you have no ways to communicated with them .

Is here a way to escape the risks ?

Answer is yes .



HK sales office

Provide sales service and after-sales service to clients

Foshan Source

Source center for China and Europe quality products

Guang Zhou DECI

Provided Europe quality clone spindle motors

Changzhou Factory

wood series spindle motor

Shenzhen Factory

Air bearing and mini spindle motor

International Coopeation

International cooperation in the world.


Belt driven spindle motor


all customized spindle motor with high qualities

The Team

Our creative team